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Efficient year-round manure drying

A systematic solution
The Farmer Automatic overhead dryer provides an enormous climatic improvement for people and animals in their farming system with minimized energy, investment and operating costs. It also solves the problem of manure removal and drying in an efficient and economically viable manner. The automatic system is placed in the poultry house over the system rows.

Dried manure exits overhead dryer onto cross conveyor.

Efficient performance
Although manure drying takes place directly in the farming system, it is technically separate. The air in the poultry house is conducted so that they are not exposed to ammonia. The overhead drying systems can be used in all enclosed farming systems.

Adapted summer and winter operation
The temperature and ventilation control on the overhead drying system constantly ensure an optimum poultry house climate with an automatically adapting relationship between heat exchangers, circulatory air openings, exhaust chimneys and fresh air openings.

When adjusted for the summer, the poultry house air-conditioning/drying system reliably supplies the birds with fresh air. Temperature balance is maintained by directing heated and used air out of the house.

When adjusted for the winter, minimal heat is lost ensuring that additional drying costs are not incurred. The birds' body warmth is sufficient to heat the poultry house. Between the seasonal extremes, the drying system adjusts itself smoothly to any external temperature.

System Features
  • Highest efficiency due to excellent drying qualities (from 20% to 80% dry material)
  • Extreme climate improvement for humans and birds thanks to smell and ammonia reductions
  • Corrosive gas minimization due to additional fresh air volume and higher air flow
  • Reduced storage and handling costs – emission-free, dry storage and volume reduction
  • Minimized investment and operating costs