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    Aviary System

The economical layer aviary

Optimum use of space
The highly impressive Farmer Automatic Aviary System is the most economical solution of all alternative systems for laying hens. Its combination of different, proven types of aviary and innovative equipment right down to the smallest detail ensures optimum use of space.

An integral part of the nest: the egg collection belts

Automatic feeding system
The proven Farmer Automatic chain feeding system is reliable and easy to manage. The long-lasting, wear-resistant chain distributes the feed evenly and, unlike some spiral feeding mechanisms, there are no injuries or mortalities.

Automatic egg collection
The egg collection belts are an integral part of the nesting boxes and automatically transport eggs away from the birds’ reach and straight to a collection table or elevator, or alternatively straight to a packer or grading machine via a connected Farmer Automatic egg cross conveyor.

Safe and hygienic: manure removal by means of manure belts on rollers

Automatic manure removal
Safe, problem-free and regular manure removal is guaranteed even in long poultry houses by polypropylene manure belts travelling on rollers. At the end of the row of aviaries the manure falls into a manure cross conveyor. The total solution reduces ammonia build-up and fly infestations for a cleaner environment.

Used worldwide: the unique Farmer Automatic chain feeding system
System Features
  • Flexible housing for optimum use of space
  • Plastic coated mesh floor
  • Highly wear-resistant chain feeding system
  • Special system lighting for fewer out of nest eggs
  • Cover over the egg channel protects laid eggs from damage


Cage dimensions mm
Section length 2400
Manure belt 1320 up to 1995
Deck height 650 (up to 4 tiers)