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The intelligent combi layer system

Integrated equipment
All decks are fully equipped to the same standard (feed, nest boxes, perches, lighting, water, plastic coated floor mesh).

Quick and safe
The new egg elevator can transport up to 18,000 eggs per hour.

Finding feed and water more quickly: 24V LED light tubes aid orientation

Safe feeding and drinking

The light is centrally positioned for even lighting distribution throughout the system. The drinking lines are also centrally positioned below the light, ensuring the birds have access to water. A tried-and-tested Farmer Automatic feed chain ensures good food intake and reduced feed loss.

High-quality materials

Plastic coated floor mesh provides a high degree of self-cleaning: manure does not stick and mites can not become established.

Safe and hygienic: the Farmer Automatic manure removal roller system

Intelligent details

Eggs are automatically collected and transported on egg collection belts. Farmer Automatic perches are specifically designed for poultry and made of various materials such as 1 inch metal pipes, 28 x 28 mm PVC pipes and metal profiles, allowing each hen to choose its own roosting place. The Farmer Automatic manure removal system reduces ammonia build-up and fly infestations to provide a cleaner house environment. In situations where the law permits, the Farmer Automatic Combi System can be converted into enriched cages in just a few moves.

          Combi System
Reliable and careful: automatic egg collection
System Features
  • Each tier equipped with nesting boxes, feed, water, perches and light
  • Plastic coated floor mesh
  • Eggs roll from the nest straight onto the egg collection belt
  • 24V LED light tubes ensure that birds can easily find feed and water
  • The high number of perches provides hens with a good choice of roosting spaces
  • Optimal nutrient utilization with low food


Cage dimensions mm
Section length 2.400
Manure belt 1,750
Deck height 710