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Behaviorally Enriched Colony Housing

Pleasant environment
The Farmer Automatic Enrichable System with its large number of innovative details creates  a pleasant, productive atmosphere for laying hens. Its partition walls provide fast, simple partitioning of the system and ensure flexibility for future conversions or extensions and additions to the system.

  • Plastic perches and plastic-coated cage floors reduce stress for the birds and help to improve egg production and egg quality.
  • The doors ensure spacious access to the cage.
  • The small group compartments may be fitted with nesting boxes, perches, nail cutters and scratching area.
High-quality stainless steel manure belt scraper

Automatic feeding system
The proven Farmer Automatic chain feeding system is easy and reliable to handle. Long-lasting and wear-resistant, it ensures feed is distributed evenly and quickly with reduced feed loss and lower energy requirements.

Automatic drinking system
The Farmer Automatic Enrichable System offers two drinking lines per deck. The nipples and drip cups are easily accessible and ensure that all the birds on each tier have excellent access to water.

Automatic egg collection
Egg SaverŪ is the egg collection system developed and patented by Farmer Automatic to prevent eggs colliding with others already on the egg collecting belt. This method ensures that all eggs are safely collected with minimum cracking.

Automatic manure removal
Manure is removed automatically from all decks on polypropylene manure belts. Farmer Automatic has developed special manure belt rollers which extend the lifetime of the manure belts. Even in very long cage rows the manure belts run as easily as if on ballbearings. Dust and feathers accumulating on the return belt are removed by a self-moving dust spiral. An optional overhead manure dryer or an air pipe system can be integrated.

Living space and additional usable space: nest boxes accessible at all times


Cage dimensions mm inches
Width 1,800 70.9
Depth 1,250 49.2
Deck height 650 25.6
System width 1,630 64.2
System height mm inches
3 decks 2,250 88.6
4 decks 2,900 114.2
5 decks 3,550 139.8
6 decks with walkway 4,400 173.2
7 decks with walkway 5,050 198.8
8 decks with walkway 5,700 224.4
Patented, safe solution: egg-wire, minimizes cracks on eggs (Egg SaverŪ)
System Features
  • Proven multi-story small group system
  • Multi-deck solution saves on building and infrastructure costs
  • Sturdy construction
  • Plastic coated floors
  • Galvanised sheet steel partition walls
  • V-Link feeding chain
  • Stainless steel drinking nipples
  • Elevator system for gentle egg collection
  • Automatic manure removal on rollers
  • Stainless steel manure belt scrapers
  • Reduced ammonia build-up
  • Healthier birds
  • Labor-saving automation