Optimum air conditioning

A suitable system for breeding, broilers, parent flocks, laying hens and aviary housing. Combinable within the systems to suit every requirement and climatic region.

Minimum fresh air roof ridge ventilation
For the minimum air rate, Farmer Automatic recommends utilising “CAI ceiling distributors” over the entire length of the roof ridge.

  • The fresh air is uniformly distributed throughout the entire barn.
  • In very cold regions a circulating air distributor is utilised in addition. As a result, the fresh air is directly warmed up upon being taken in, so that no cold draught reaches the animal.
  • Ideal temperature distribution in the barn = uniform feed consumption, laying performance and air quality.
  • Use of the heat in the roof ridge to warm up the fresh air = a reduction in the heating costs.
  • Better working conditions for the operator.

Tunnel ventilation
Should the outdoor and indoor temperatures continue to increase, the distributor automatically switches over from roof ridge/tunnel to tunnel ventilation.

Through insulated TAI valves in the gable, the warm fresh air from outside reaches the barn. Ventilators on the opposite side of the barn ensure the necessary negative pressure to allow the air to flow in the tunnel at around 2 to 2.5 m/s.

In the case of pure tunnel ventilation, the CAI valves in the roof ridge are closed. As a result, no warm air flows out of the loft to the animals.

  • The fresh air flows into the barn all over the cross-section of the barn at 2 to 3 m/s.
  • High cooling effects through use of the wind chill effect
    (temperature felt).
  • The temperature felt drops, according to the respective speed and humidity, by around 7-9C.

Regulating the Farmer Komfort climate control
For simple small and medium-range climatic control we recommend the Sirius climate-control computer.

If there is a greater number of entries and exits, as well as if management tasks are undertaken, we recommend using the Orion climate-control computer.

Farmer Automatic Komfort climatic concept
ensures an optimum minimum air rate through mixing the fresh air.

  • Cooling in summer through the wind chill effect in the tunnel
  • Uniform temperature distribution in the barn
Advantages of the Komfort climate control
  • It combines optimum minimum ventilation in winter with a comfortable maximum ventilation in summer. As a result, the animals feel well, are healthy and optimum egg production is achieved.
  • Through the individual scope for regulating the system and the conceptual design of the idea, comfortable climatic control is possible in regions with climatic conditions ranging from -30 C to +40 C.
  • By mixing the barn air with the fresh air in addition, we enable uniform temperature distribution in the barn. The animal does not get a cold draught.
  • When operated in summer, through negative pressure in the barn a cooling of the animals by means of the wind chill effect is achieved. The temperature felt by the animals is reduced, according to the respective temperature and humidity, by up to 8 C and over.
  • Better air quality and therefore better working conditions for the operator.