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The comprehensive pullet system

Well-planned design
The Farmer Automatic Aviary Pullet System offers a proven total solution for chicks that are to be kept as layers in progressive aviary housing.

Pullet chicks spend their first days in small compartments within the system. Cage doors are full-width and spring-loaded, allowing easy administration of vaccinations and other treatments. The compartments can later be transformed into an open aviary in just a few moves of the cage walls. The degree of automation can be adjusted individually, for example, with optional automatically closing doors.

24V LED light rope: simulates daylight for better acceptance of the system

Automatic feeding system
The proven Farmer Automatic chain feeding system is extremely effective, easy to handle and reliable in use. Long-lasting and wear-resistant, it has speed control and optional height adjustment to ensure feed is distributed evenly.

Simple drinking system
The nipple drinkers are continuously adjustable to perfectly match the growth of the birds. A choice of different types of nipple is available

Choice of fittings: cage floors in three mesh sizes
Tried-and-tested technology
The adjustable perches protect the feed from contamination and also assist the birds in becoming settled in the layer aviary. From the second week of life the perches are set so that the birds can no longer get into the feed trough.
Easy handling: system comprises flip doors and roost mesh
System Features
  • Flip doors and roost mesh for easy closing of the system
  • Optional centrally controlled locking mesh doors
  • Plastic coated mesh floor with three different mesh sizes
  • Doors in partition walls allow birds to be locked in for easy treatment
  • 24V LED light tube helps day old chicks to find feed and water more easily
  • Optional height-adjustable V-Link feeding system
  • Centrally adjustable nipple drinkers with drip cups and perches
  • Manure belts switch off individually
  • Automatic manure removal for a clean environment
  • Available in two and three tier version


Cage dimensions mm
Section length 2400
Manure belt 1320