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      Floor System

The alternative pullet system

Ethologically sound rearing
The Farmer Automatic Floor System has been designed in cooperation with poultry farmers as an alternative means of rearing poultry. It fully satisfies animal welfare requirements for ethologically sound poultry rearing and production and its innovative equipment is truly impressive.

The flexibly designed system can be quickly adjusted to accomodate changes in regulations and conditions. All components in the system are suspended from the Portal System, an overhead frame patented by Farmer Automatic. The well-planned arrangement of the Farmer Automatic feed chain, nipple drinkers and perches guarantees optimum results. Plastic-coated floor mesh provides a high degree of self-cleaning: manure does not stick and mites cannot become established. Additional designs are available – including two-story versions – depending on the house dimensions.

Safe and hygienic: manure removal by means of manure belts on rollers

Automatic feeding system
The proven Farmer Automatic chain feeding system with speed control is easy and reliable to handle and use. Long-lasting and wear-resistant, it ensures feed is distributed evenly and quickly with reduced feed loss and low energy requirements.

Automatic manure removal
Safe and efficient manure removal is guaranteed by polypropylene manure belts travelling on rollers. At the end of the row the manure falls into a manure cross conveyor. The total solution reduces ammonia build-up and fly infestations to improve the environment in the house.

Convenient house inspection: accessible mesh floors
Accessible mesh floors
Accessible mesh floors for convenient, simple and fast inspection of the entire system.
Farmer Automatic Chick Ejector guarantees safer feeding
System Features
  • Suspended systems without floor contact – Portal systemŽ
  • Accessible mesh floors for simple inspeciton
  • Highly wear-resistant V-Link feeding system
  • Suspended nipple drinkers
  • Raised perches
  • Raised floor levels encourage birds to hop and ascend
  • Plastic coated floor mesh
  • Manure belts ride on easy-running rollers
  • Easy transition from pullet rearing to laying hen


Cage dimensions mm
Section length 2400
Manure belt 1320
Two-story systems possible