The versatile pullet cage

Almost unchanged for 30 years – the economic Farmer Automatic rearing cage. This battery, equipped with all unique Farmer Automatic features, is an animal-friendly and economical rearing system for layer pullets.

Plastic coated, rectangular wire mesh on cage floors allows safe rearing of pullets without the need for additional floor matting in the first day of growing cycle. Feed access slots are adjustable to fit the size of pullets from day one, yet they are unable to slip into the feed trough. If pullets are not crowded and are provided adequate cage area, they will form small groups which results in a more uniform bird size.

Proven technology; A design so refined that it remains unchanged to this day.

Automatic feeding system
The Farmer Automatic V-Link chain feeding system has been used in farms around the world for over 30 years. Our design places the chain in a trough outside the cage, keeping it free from debris and allowing easy access for inspection and management. The long-lasting, wear-resistant chain distributes the feed evenly and, unlike some spiral feeding mechanisms, there are no injuries or mortalities.

Automatic drinking system
Farmer Automatic offers two versions of automatic nipple drinking in its Quad-Deck cage. In the standard version, the nipple pipes can be set to three different heights depending on the age of the pullets. The alternative version has a stepless height adjustment of the nipple pipe. Both types provide two nipple drinkers with drip cups per cage.

Each cage contains two nipple drinkers that can be adjusted to fit any height requirement.

Manure removal
Farmer Automatic manure systems are engineered for performance, simplicity and low maintenance. Polypropylene manure belts travel on rollers for safe, trouble free manure removal. The belts deliver the manure to the end of the cage row where manure cross conveyors remove it from the house to reduce ammonia and flies.

Proven technology
Farmer Automatic rearing systems have gear-driven manure belt drives which allow switching individual decks off.

We use high quality galvanized steel sheets for easier cleaning and disinfecting of all partition walls, feed troughs, stands, and connecting profiles.

Farmer Automatic's signature pullet cage system symbolizes 30 years of reliable design.
System Features
  • Plastic coated mesh floors
  • Stress-free, healthy, full-feathered birds
  • High-yield, uniform weight pullets
  • Centrally adjustable feed slots and nipple drinkers
  • 360 stainless steel adjustable nipple drinkers
  • Wear-resistant V-Link chain feeding system
  • Better temperature control
  • Long equipment life expectancy
  • Clean environment for humans and birds
  • Manure belts ride on rollers
  • Full-width spring-loaded cage doors
  • Saving labor by automation